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Language Assistants

School Data

Contact of the reference person(s)

  • Email of a member of the management team: 14700304.direccion@g.educaand.es
  • Email of the teacher coordinating the program: iguamon363@g.educaand.es

Education level

  • Middle/High School:
    From 12 to 18 years old. Bilingualism is only present in Compulsory Secondary Education ( ESO: years 12-16) and our Vocational Training or BTEC. Our Sixth Levels (Post- Secondary) is not bilingual yet.
  • Vocational Training: 16 years old onwards.
    BTEC on Business Administration. (Bilingual and dual)
    Vocational Training or BTEC on Textiles and Design. (Dual)

Collaboration subjects/modules of the Language Assistant

Our School offers demanding bilingual content subjects in Compulsory Secondary Education such as:
1st ESO: Maths & Biology (12-13 year-olds)
2nd ESO: History and Physics and Chemistry(13-14 year-olds)
3r ESO: Biology and Technology (14-15 year-olds)
4th ESO: Maths and History (15-16 year-olds) Our Vocational Business BTEC on Administration imparts the following bilingual content subjects:
1st Year: Computer Information Processing -Accounting Techniques
2nd Year: Accounting Documentation Procedures – Auxiliary Operations of Treasury Management

This is our Bilingualism webpage:

Information about the town and/or neighborhood

  • Background:
    Colonial Secondary High-school is settled in a rural area and it gathers students from 9 small villages nearby. Most of our tenagers have a medium-low economical level.
    This village is nationally known for their business activity, especially their textile industry of wedding dresses.
    In 2021 Fuente Palmera, together with its 9 dependent smaller districts, registered 9803 inhabitants.
  • Our School:
    Our High-school is immersed in ICT projects and are enrolled in a variety of multidisciplinary projects such Colonial 21, our present Erasmus Plus Project aimed to improve our teaching practice.
  • Project Objectives:
    Applying a methodology based on an Integrated Multidisciplinary Cross-curricular Curriculum within our Bilingual Project.
    Implementing the Bilingual Project.
    Improving our speaking and writing English skills.
    Fostering collaborative teamwork development in order to prevent dropout.
    Promoting Digital skills in every different area so that it may be easier to share knowledge, folders,resources etc, with other professional teachers and other countries.
    Empowering women in science.
    Concerning Climate Change.
    Making better use of tablets and useful apps to create new appealing activities and resources.
    Practicing linguistic skills, especially English.
    Encouraging teachers to cooperate in the EU.
    Boosting the connection with other cultures.
    Favouring partnership with other European High-schools.
    Acquiring knowledge and strategies on other European school systems, testing, assessment, evaluation aimed to overcome dropout
    This is the promotional video we made for our European Erasmus Project:
  • What can the town/neighborhood offer a Language Assistant?
    Being a small village with poor transport connections, Language Assistants usually choose the nearest town Palma del Río to stay, since it is strategically placed between Córdoba and Seville, it features a well netted train station and bus station. Commuting to school by car takes only 20 minutes, and accommodation is much cheaper than those they can find in Córdoba city, savings they can wisely spend in day-trips on weekdays to either city, and make the most of their long weekends (We give them all Fridays off) to visit the rest of Andalusia and Spain.

Getting to school

  • Public transport schedules: There is no bus connection to the school village. Teachers commute by car.
  • Possibility of car-pooling with other teachers.: Car-pooling timetables are difficult to arrange and they are set in September, making it sometimes hard or even impossible to include the language Assistant timetable in theirs. Besides, Cordoba is one hour driving distance from our school, and it is costly. In 2022 it was about 7€ a week, and it may rise according to petrol flux.
    Since the Coordinator of Bilingualism lives in Palma del Rio, and she is in charge of making the Language Assistant’s timetable, it is made compatible with hers and other teachers commuting from this town. We have never charged our Language Assistant for it so far.


Contact with other Language Assistants

The Coordinator will provide the Language Assistant with all the needed intel.

Previous Experiences with Language Assistants